November 8, 2016

ProjeX Features Summary

Schedules key business activities (Organisational Planner)

  • routine system / process checks
  • regular tasks e.g. BAS, meetings
  • maintenance tasks
  • OH&S requirements
  • HR tasks e.g. staff appraisals

Central Register for capturing key business inputs (Issues Register)

  • Customer feedback
  • Complaints
  • Incidents
  • Accidents
  • Staff suggestions

Tracks business improvements and corrective actions (Service Improvement Requests)

  • Provides accountability for delegated tasks
  • Provides a document trail (essential for compliance)

Measures business performance (Reporting)

  • Turn around time for key tasks
  • Workforce planning
  • Staff efficiencies
  • System effectiveness
  • Compliance with established standard requirements
  • Performance against internal benchmarks

Central reference point for staff to access essential operational information(Document Bank)

  • Document control
  • Linked documents
  • Authorised access

Systematic approach to ensuring documented policies, procedures and work instructions are implemented

  • Internal audit of work practices
  • Monitoring of compliance (for internal & external compliance)


  • Advantages of remote access for off-site monitoring / application
  • Doesn’t impact on internal systems or platforms
  • Secure (encrypted from keystroke entry)
  • Backed up daily
  • Fully recoverable data
  • Tiered levels of authorities and permissions

Provides a structured framework for businesses to set up a quality management system that supports ISO 9001:2015 Standard requirements


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