February 8, 2019

16 Ways ProjeX Can Help Your Business

Here’s 16 Ways that Projecan help you and your team be more effective.

“I’ve misplaced my To Do List”

Your individualised Dashboard gives you an up-to-date status report on your allocated tasks. ProjeX will send you reminder emails to help you keep on top of your priorities

“It’s not my job!”

ProjeX tracks accountability and assignment of tasks.

“Why wasn’t I told?!”

ProjeX enables the management team to be on top of incidents and issues as they arise.

“Why bother – nobody ever listens anyway!”

ProjeX empowers staff to put forward their ideas for service improvement AND makes sure they get feedback and are acknowledged for their initiative

“I didn’t know”

The ProjeX Document Bank ensures staff have access to the most current version of all policies, procedures and forms

”Can you show me that please?”

ProjeX provides a documented evidence trail for internal and external auditors

But that funding round closed last week!!”

ProjeX enables you to schedule important events so that they don’t get missed

“This is serious – are we on top of it?”

ProjeX enable the management team to identify “hot spots” – critical in effective risk management

“How many complaints have we had over the past 12 months?”

ProjeX enables you to track important information– by type (complaints, compliments, incidents…), by program, by location, by risk.

So what did we do about it”

ProjeX enable you to demonstrate your corrective/preventive actions

“What are we going to do this year?”

ProjeX enables you to schedule all of you organisational / management events in advance and provide a checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything that you said you were going to do!

“But I haven’t got time!”

ProjeX enables Managers to allocate work and ensure workloads are manageable

“But our IT policy doesn’t allow new software to be installed”

ProjeX is a web-based solution and as such, sits outside your internal IT system. No internal modifications are required

“I don’t know what is happening out there”

As a web-based system, ProjeX provide real-time reporting, anytime, anywhere– critical for remote locations

“I can’t afford to invest in any more systems!”

Really? – Do you know how much is inefficiency costing you now?

If you are still wondering how quality management software can help your business, then you definitely need to get in touch with one of our consultants to show you how ProjeX works for other businesses and can help yours.




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