Quality Management Software - ProjeX

QMS Software – ProjeX

Quality Management Made Simple

ProjeX – Your fast-track to quality compliance

Our web based QMS software provides a simplistic, structured framework for your Quality Management System.

Designed to optimise your time, resources & opportunities, ProjeX enables you to track, recordmonitor and report all quality related activities in real-time.

Built on ISO 9001 principles by experienced lead auditors – ProjeX excels in supporting your certification requirements.

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Live data at your fingertips…

  • Identify High Risk areas of concern
  • Departmental & Individual performance data
  • Ensure that actions & requests are conducted on time
  • Create clear procedures for all staff to understand
  • Track policies and procedures are being followed
  • Record, assign and action improvements
  • Effectively manage forms and documents

ProjeX is a user friendly QMS software solution that will enable everyone in your business to understand and contribute to the quality management process.

Escape your paperwork nightmare…

QMS Software significantly improves efficiency and minimises the need to retain hard copy policies, procedures and registers as all records and history are held electronically.

ProjeX features a built in secured document storage which further reduces paperwork and provides a version controlled, centralised reference point for staff to access essential operational information.

Escape your paperwork nightmare - use QMS Software

Key Features

Organisational Planner

Schedule and track key business activities

Audit Manager

Monitors your operational systems and ensure policies and procedures are being followed.

Improvement Tracker

Tracks and records your business improvement initiatives & corrective action requests.

Issues Register

Captures and tracks key business inputs including – feedback, complaints, incidents and improvements.


Measure and analyse your business performance, process efficiencies and system effectiveness.

Document Bank

A central, secure reference point for staff to access essential operational information, process’s and procedures.

What people say…

  • The QMS Software is very intuitive, and that has made acceptance by staff, easy and a very pleasant experience.

    - Margaret Cunningham – Endeavour Industries

  • “The ProjeX Software is definitely what we needed to assist us. It is easy to use, well liked by Staff and gives transparent and ‘live’ reporting.”

    - Helen Hartley – T&T Training

  • “ProjeX is a great asset to our organisation. It ensures that our quality Management system is more effective and transparent

    - Michael Milicevic – Macleay Options Inc

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QMS Software - ProjeX