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    ProjeX Version 3 release

Hi Mick

Hope you and your team are well.

We have been working hard to incorporate user suggestions and feedback into improving ProjeX, and we are happy to inform you that ProjeX Version 3 is ready for a beta release.

Some of the key changes include:

CIL Reassignment:
You can now reassign a CIL to another user as long as it is already assigned to a User (even if it is overdue)

CIL Close-out:
You/your team can now close out the CIL in stages, rather than having to close it at the one time.

Introduction of Risk Measurement:
For CILs raised from Issues, we now require users to enter their perceived risk score for the incident, which is linked with the SIR risk at 2 stages to enable QMs to see how the risk in a certain aspect has been mitigated.

Document Bank Security:
We have introduced folder security based on user-types so you can isolate selected folders to a subset of your user-types

User interface improvements and Mobile-friendly:
In addition to being more accessible and user-friendly, ProjeX is also mobile-friendly and responsive to various devices.

User Guide:
Please also keep a tab on ProjeX Documentation, which we are in the process of updating continually.

Next Steps:
We have scheduled LifeBridge for migration to Ver3 on the 15th of May, and it would be best if we do a staged release. This will help us incorporate feedback and fix any identified issues before releasing throughout the LifeBridge user-base. I would recommend starting the migration with Quality Managers and then working our way through the other user-types.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/preference in this area, otherwise we can proceed with the plan and be in touch early next week after your QM accounts have been migrated.


Team ProjeX
e: [email protected]
w: qprojex.com.au